Web Hosting companies connect an individual or company to World Wide Web readers. To put a webpage online, one must first go through the doorway or portal of a web host.

How dos it work? The webpage developer will upload his or her design to the web host according to the company's guidelines and policies, and based on the type of software the webpage designer has used. That upload submits the files to the web host, and then the webpage is published for all to see on the Internet.

Reliable Hosting

There are numerous web hosting providers available, but we have found over the years that "you get what you pay for." Go too cheap on website hosting and you might end up with a domain that is barely up and running ... servers down and the like ... or unwanted banner ads be placed on your page.
When choosing a web host, it's important to keep your personal or corporate goals in mind. If it's your own personal website, you might not mind the downtime or the banner ads. However, if it's a corporate site you're preparing, consider if you want your web host to advertise businesses similar to yours on your own webpage? 
If you are looking to host with a provider that does not display any ads, and guarantees 99.9% reliable hosting, look to Tech Brainy Consulting.
We already your trusted computer business partner, providing computer, laptop and server repair services that keep your machines operational. We've designed website pages, perhaps for you, and we have a vested interest in keeping your websites operational.
A March 2009 study by the Miniwatts Marketing Group has show 74.4 percent of North America has been penetrated by the Internet.
Keep your website reliably available to existing and potential customers through Tech Brainy hosting services which are immediately available in North County San Diego and South Orange County California. Call (760) 429-2979 for details.