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Not a week goes by that we don't have a Carlsbad resident or visitor come by to ask us our thoughts on what might be a good laptop to buy.

Here are some of the questions we ask that enable us to recommend a good solution or two, based upon the needs of the person requesting the information:

Is it for you or someone else? A kid or an an elderly person often have different uses/needs out of a desktop or laptop.

Is it for business use? Yes or no makes a difference in the type of system needed. For example, you can trim back on the speed of your processor and especially tone down the video card (which can be expensive, and in the end, complete overkill).

Do you want a personal computer or a Macintosh?

Will you want a desktop or a laptop?

With these few questions answered, we will be able to provide "narrowed down" advice based upon the need of the person ... based on the information we have been provided.

We take great pride in our computer knowledge (which is ever-increasing as the products and markets evolve) and are always happy to give advice on some of the best manufacturers out there, suggest operating systems, point folks to programs, suggest upgrades, comment on processors, discuss the importance of screen resolution with regards to images a photographer might be working with on their computer... but it's important for us to provide information you need based on what you really WANT.

Come see Tech Brainy at 565 Grand Ave. in Carlsbad CA. We regularly give advice about hardware and other purchases.