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Tech Brainy is frequently called in by small businesses to provide operational solutions tied to technology. We recently created an Egnyte file server account for a landscape consulting firm out of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (south Orange County). The account plans to use the system to upload, access and store large amounts of image data to the site which has a full tera byte of storage space.

Cloud Ready

The uploaded files are securely protected, using the client's username and password. Access is provided anywhere an internet connection exists.

Using cloud-based services such as this, business can securely share, store and protect critical data across the network.

We always "try out" the solutions we provide for real-world applicability before we recommend solutions to our clients, so not surprisingly, we wholeheartedly endorse the Egnyte system and its ReadyNAS network-accessible storage for data files, documents, images and more.

Call Tech Brainy at 760-429-2979 or email service@techbrainy.com for more information on using cloud-based Egnyte, online file servers or network accessible storage to discuss your best options.